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Ergonomic Furniture in Each Private Office Suite

Fully Furnished Office Suites With Branded Logos & Locked Access

Our private office suites are fully designed and furnished with locked access and your company’s branded door plate. Offices include an ergonomic desk and executive chair, client chairs, bookcases, filing cabinet, floor to ceiling curtains, a decorative plant and artwork to round out the fully-decorated office space.

Our Private Offices vs. Traditional Private Offices

Our Private Offices come with flexible contract terms and other business necessities such as ergonomic furniture and design, a shared reception, café, business-grade copier and printer — allowing businesses to save on startup costs and be ready for business the day you move in.

More Features
Secure, Fully-Furnished Private Offices

Starting At $800 Monthly

Annual Discounts Available


Peaceful, roomy and affordable

Add space or move spaces and keep the same address
Personalize to your needs
Furnished, decorated, and designed for plug and work

Today's entrepreneurs aim to leverage existing resources and spaces efficiently in a post-pandemic world - while simultaneously ensuring they work from a professional and inspirational workspace.

Secure, Fully-Furnished Private Offices.

Ergonomic Office Furniture

Offices feature ergonomic furniture, such as adjustable desks that go from sitting to standing positions to ensure they are both comfortable and safe. Every entrepreneur deserves ergonomic office features that support good posture and well-being to increase productivity and create a happier and healthier work environment.

Business Mail Concierge

Enjoy a prestigious Atlanta address and  receive the concierge postal service for any outgoing or incoming business mail.

Open and Airy Privacy

Frosted glass entrance to each private office ensures privacy & allows for a more open feel. Most offices have floor-to-ceiling with adjustable blinds for natural light.

Premiere Features

The majority of our offices have floor to ceiling windows, wall-to-wall to allow the outdoors in when desired. Offices are equipped with automatic entry lighting systems for contact-less control of lights. Enjoy optimum privacy in your private workspace due to the decorative finish of the frosted privacy glasses.

Office Pricing Structure

Offices are a base price + fee per additional person to occupy the office (business partner, spouse, admin etc)

Private Office Your Way

On-Demand services like Conference Rooms, Podcast Studios & Team Rooms are pay-per-use and easily booked via the App, so you don’t pay for that which you do not use.

Secure, Fully-Furnished Private Offices.
Lease Terms – 6 months or 1 year
Branded Door plate with your company name and logo

Includes a complimentary listing in the In-Suite Lobby Directory

Eligible for exclusive members-only events
Complimentary parking for you and your guests
Complimentary coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water

Access to business-grade print, scan and fax

Access to common areas (Cafe Emporium, relaxation rooms etc)

Access to the Members- only Discounted Pricing for Conference and Meeting Rooms, Podcasts Room and Hybrid Webinars event space

1 hour/month use of Conference/Meeting Rooms-Members-only pricing thereafter
AT&T Fiber, high speed, highly secure, private internet, separate access for guests and meeting space

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