Live Receptionist – COMING SOON!

Statistics Show

Convert More Callers
into Customers

Callers Leave a Message Only 20% of Time. 80% Hang Up if No Answer.

Take advantage of the Live Receptionist Answering Call Transfer services. This translates into fewer mistakes, more handled calls and happier clients.

Benefits of

Live Receptionist Answering

Most consumers prefer speaking to a real person first instead of an automated voicemail. With our live answering service you can ensure your clients are greeted by a real person every time. Having such a feature improves business reputation and presents a truly professional presence.

After the “live answer,” we transfer your caller to one (or all) of 3 numbers that you select. This streamlines your call process, the real time response makes your customers feel appreciated and primed to do business with you.

What's Included

  • $25.00 Monthly
  • Includes a cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone number that works across the world. 
  • You can opt to publicize this phone number OR forward your existing phone number (to your VoIP)
  • Month-to-Month Available
  • Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm EST
  • 120 Monthly Minutes Included
    • Additional 1-60 min buckets for $10/ mth

The Technology of It All

  • Online portal that houses historical calling reports & voicemail wav files
  • Simple billing reports
  • High level cloud-based security with optional HIPPA compliance for companies in medical industries.
  • 2-way Texting & Email to the receptionist answering your calls
  • High-Level Security
  • Online – No hardware required 

Two options available

Live Virtual Receptionists Drive Real Results

Ensures your company has a presence to potential customers on the other end and that potential customers are greeted with a live person.

Live Receptionist & Professional  Phone Number

Live Staff Receptionist – will answer your calls with a friendly, professional template greeting, branded with your company name. The correct script and information pops up so operators stay organized.

Voicemail Feature – if you do not answer when the Live Receptionist transfers the call to you, it goes to your company-specific voicemail

Premium Call Transferring – transferred to up to 3 contact numbers, unanswered calls will roll to your personal extension voice mailbox.
**Ability to add up to 2 business contacts ($5 each)

Voicemail Converted to Email – emailed as a wav file attachment

Starting at $35 Monthly, $99 Set-Up Fee

$35 – GA Number Bundle
$40 – Toll Free Number Bundle
$52 – GA + Toll Free Number Bundle

Coming Soon

Professional Phone Number

Phone Number Only Services is a cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service for businesses across the world. You keep your same number, which is portable and can have it forwarded to your cell, landline or business line (no matter how many times those numbers may change).

Voicemail Feature – unanswered calls will roll to your built-in business extension voice mailbox (no live receptionist with this option)

Voicemail Converted to Email – emailed as a wav audio file attachment

$14 Monthly, $49 Set-Up Fee

No Live Receptionist included with this option

$14 – GA Number
$20 – Toll Free Number
$30 – GA + Toll Free Number

The Difference in Options

Live Receptionist Services enables our experienced and dedicated service staff to act as a live switchboard for your clients. With Business VoIP Number, you have a dedicated number for your business and marketing materials that you are confident you can take wherever you go.

With Live Receptionist Services, our staff answers the phone and asks the caller what extension, person or department they need and transfers the caller immediately without fanfare or questioning. With Business Number, the call is automatically forwarded to number(s) of your choice. In both cases, an unanswered call results in a built-in voicebox taking the message.

Live Receptionist Service is a straightforward process that brings priceless value that allows your caller have their call answered by a live person and then transferred immediately to the person or department they’re trying to reach.

With Phone Number Service, you  avoid hidden fees, added expenses and contractual obligations of having a non-transferable landline or traditional VoIP. 

Phone Number Service includes the VoIP number and the mailbox and all the features, but NOT the Live Receptionist answering your client’s calls; instead, the call is transferred directly to the (up to) 3 contact numbers you provide and rolls over to voicemail if no answer.