Enhanced Web Presence

What is Your Comany’s Internet Footprint?

When Customers Are Ready to Buy, They Search…

Four out of five customers conduct local search engine searches on YOUR business & make a 15-second assessment on whether they will spend money with you. Will your company show up when they do?  The Business Owner’s Emporium helps the novice to increase your company’s website presence within 1 week!

Simply having a Google listing is not enough – it needs to be 100% complete and optimized.

A complete, verified, and optimized Google My Business listing allows you to connect with your target audience and be found in more ways than ever before.

Use the Analytics of Your Directory Listings to Learn About Your Customers

Many of the directory listings we create for you will have analytics that include sample features, such as:

1) Profile, posts and photo views.

2)  Shares, +1 clicks and comments.

3) Demographics of the people following you (ie, age groups, gender)

And More…


Gather Customer's Testimonials, Reviews and Endorsements

Prospective customers who are looking to use your services will oftentimes visit a number of different review sites (and not just Google); and the online business directories and admin features will allow you to respond as well as to capture repost on your website and social media.

Includes 50 Directory Listings on the Internet - In Addition to Google & 411 Listings

Your business name will be registered in at least 50 listings where you can manage those listings to showcase rich content like your company’s name, address, phone number, as well as images and more.

Directory Listings Are Free Communication Channels

Why wouldn’t you want to increase your web presence? With the 50 directory listings created for you, your company will be opening up yet another new interactive channel of communication between you and your potential and existing clients. It offers you yet another place to promote your products & services and offer specials and coupon codes to convert potential customers.

Eliminate Inaccurate Info About Your Company Online

Directory listings are a cost-effective way to be able to update your services & products to ensure updated info about your company is online at all times, including your correct contact information.

Better Search Visibility to Increase Your Chances of Customers Finding You

When you search Google, there is a high-visibility panel near the top of the page (below paid ads and above organic results) with 3 local business listings — and the ONLY chance you have of potentially appearing is if you have a complete AND optimized Google listing. They don’t select from incomplete or unoptimized listings.

Encourage & Monitor Reviews

Control your reviews! You can invite your best customers to leave reviews on the directory listings that we create for you, making it as easy as possible for the customers to leave reviews and for you to respond to them in real time.

You receive administrative credentials to manage your listing at your convenience.

Your Customers Begin Their Buying Process With a Search Engine

Buyers are more tech savvy  with many using a variety of mobile devices to quickly search for what they want, making snap decisions about whether your company offers the solutions they need. This means that your company first needs to enhance your website presence.

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