CoWork Membership

Select the Best Option for Your Business

We Offer 2 Unique CoWork Memberships

A Limited Number of CoWork Spaces Are Alloted

It’s Good to Have a Work-Home

CoWork Space. A Flexible Approach to Work.

Join a vibrant community of entrepreneurs. A cost-efficient and scalable workspace, flexible for your small business’ growth.

 Enjoy a beautifully designed CoWork space in the heart of one of Atlanta’s many business district hubs. Our receptionist greets your clients in the lobby and you get access to a bevy of business services every entrepreneur needs; in addition to team areas, conference rooms, podcast studio, a hybrid room and more.

There are no hidden fees or long-term obligations. Our memberships are simple and all you do is choose the package that suits your business, and we’ll work hard every month to be your favorite workspace.

Today's entrepreneurs aim to leverage existing resources and spaces efficiently in a post-pandemic world - while simultaneously ensuring they work from a professional and inspirational workspace.

Get the presence & amenities of an office without the commitment or cost.

Members-Only Access

Starting at $85 Monthly


Peaceful, roomy and affordable


Upgrade workspace solution later & keep the same address


Customize your membership to your needs with Add-Ons

Furnished, decorated, and designed for plug and work

Plan Your Workday 

Coworking is Fully Customizable to Your Business Needs to Make it Affordable

Flexible terms allow you to upgrade and adapt as your business needs change, all without changing your address.  Customize your membership with Add-Ons.

Real GIS Address Known to USPS, Search Engines, Banks & Credit Agencies

A Google-Verifiable address that shows an image of our corporate office building when searched by banks, credit lending agencies and your future customers.

Our Staff & Services Allows You to Scale Quickly

Secure Your membership today and you have a full-time receptionist to greet your clients and access to conference room and a bevy of Business Services to meet your needs.

You're Surrounded By Beautiful Aesthetics Everywhere You Look

We purposefully created a beautiful workspace environment to inspire you and hired specific staff to provide an exceptional level of service for members.

Work Separate From Home and Have More Dedicated Work Time

Entrepreneurs bolster productivity when they have a dedicated work environment, separate from home distractions and obligations.

Get Access to Meeting Spaces at Member Rates

Coworking can be scaled to your business needs more easily than a conventional office, and with an economy in flux, having that peace of mind is priceless.

Are You a Focused-Based Professional?

If you primarily work on complex and confidential tasks, a Private Office or Flex Office may be an ideal option for you.

Private OfficeFlex Office