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Business Services

TBOE’s team of business experts provide professional services for entrepreneurs in each state. These services are centered around their business entity structuring. The goal is to help them avoid common mistakes to pass underwriter’s first line of defense for business verification (when applying for business funding, grants or government contracts).

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Business Structuring Consultation

Struggling with common freshman mistakes in structuring your business?

You receive a complimentary consultation with one of our experts to determine if your business structure is: 1) properly set up, 2) optimal to fast track your business credit build-out, 3) uniform across all online platforms AND 4) has a barrier to protect your personal information.

Business Structuring Services

Too much information and you need a professional to do it for you?

We do the service to create (or correct) your business formation & structuring to ensure the entity is done properly to create uniformity for your business’ online presence, to accomplish your business credit goals and to protect your personal information in public databases.

Business Credit Building Services

Need to position your business to scale it to 6 or 7-figures?

Our business consultants use expertise and experience to assist with creating your business credit profile in Experian, D&B and Equifax and achieving an optimal Paydex score to position your business to not get turned down for credit, grants or gov’t contracts due to lack of business credit.

Business Payroll Setup (Single/Multiple)

Trying to figure out how to show proof of salary when applying as self-employed?

When applying for credit, grants or a government contract, entrepreneurs need to be able to provide documentation of paying themself. This is true whether for a single or multiple member LLC, one with or without staff. We set you up with an inexpensive & automated option.

Assessment of Business Funding-Preparedness

Is your structure/credit is optimal for business funding, a grant or gov’t contract?

We do a full preparedness health check to ensure that your business structure and business credit is optimal to achieve your goals.  If you’re applying for business funding, we will even refer you to our preferred vendors. They will help determine your business funding goals & implementation strategy. 

Dedicated Business Phone Number

Struggling a business phone that enables you to change your cell whenever you want?

Get a dedicated VoiP business number that will never change and can be forwarded to your cell phone or multiple nmber OR be used as a landline. It will also allow you to know when a call is a business or personal call, set phone business hours & have a separate dedicated voicemail.


Professional Services

To grow a business, you need faster ways to work. As a CEO, you will often need to contract out services not of your expertise.

Enhanced Web-Presence Service


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