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At The Business Owner’s Emporium we offer more then office space, we offer an emporium of services to benefit entrepreneurs. 


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Business Structuring Consultation

What We Do

Provide clients valuable insight to ensure you’re  equipped to reach major milestones, while avoiding costly pitfalls.

Conduct a confidential audit of your business structure

Ensure business online presence 

Make recommendations to aid in your business goals

Provide Insights 

Advisory Services

Recommend services & resources to help meet your objectives

Our consulting services help entrepreneurs with the early or mid stages of a business venture, providing guidance, advice, and assistance, with the end goal to cut through the complexities of business-challenges faced. 

Business Structuring

What We Do

Secretary of State Business Formation & Registration

IRS EIN – Employer Identification Number Tax ID

Certificate Of Existence

Operating Agreement

(6 months included)

Business Address

Annual Report Compliance

Bank Resolution

Membership Certificate

Get started by simply providing your business name and answering a few questions. We complete & file your paperwork to properly position and structure your business to build business credit and obtain business funding.

Business Credit Building

What We Do

Building business credit should be one a top priority as you grow your small business. A strong business credit profile can help you scale and grown your business more efficiently then if you funded it yourself.

Our business consultants use our expertise and experience to assist small business owners in building business credit, all without using personal credit.

Having a solid business credit profile might help you secure more-desirable loan terms, qualify for better premiums and negotiate with vendors.

Building business credit can take time and attention to detail and be more complicated than building personal credit.

Business Credit Building is an art & strong business credit scores help you secure better terms on business funding, get lower rates on business insurance and negotiate more favorable terms with suppliers. You ready to build a strong profile?

Business Funding-Preparedness Check

No Further Obligation After Initial Consultation

If it is determined that your business either is not properly structured for business credit, this $99 consultation fee will roll-over to the Business Structure Service.

What We Do

We do a full preparedness health check to ensure that your company is positioned to receive business credit.

This fee is for your in-depth consultation to determine your business funding goals and strategy to get your business funds.

Business Payroll Setup Services

Why Are Payroll Services Important for Small Business?

As a self-employed person, you have to be able to apply for credit on a personal level, in addition to possibly applying for credit, grants or government contracts. For all of these situations, documentation of paying themself is needed.  This is true whether for a single or multiple member LLC, one with or without staff. We set you up with an inexpensive & automated option.

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